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Software that protects sensitive data before and during a breach.

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Sale of our source code, full documentation, and all rights thereof is now being handled by:

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Isn't it time to stop doing the same thing over and over again and expecting your sensitive data to be protected? When the same thing is not working. It is time to consider a different approach.

Why is it for sale?

  1. Why am I selling this if it, in my humble opinion is going to be the next BIG thing?
  2. Simply put, I don’t have the time nor the wherewithal to properly market this to clients who could benefit from it.
  3. I wouldn’t know where to start. Who to call. What to do.
  4. Plus, even if I did, I am just a single developer with a family, a fulltime job, and a home that takes up a lot of my time. I wouldn’t be able to handle the needs of a fulltime client adequately.
  5. So, that in a nutshell is why I am looking for someone to buy this software and take it to the next level.

Be proactive instead of reactive.

Don't you wish you had been that guy that bought all that stock in Apple, IBM, or MicroSoft way back when?

About Us

I am a developer with twenty plus years of experience, who woke up one Sunday morning thinking about data breaches, and how the traditional ways of protecting data were not working. Which lead me to start thinking about a way to protect the sensitive data in a database from a breach, even once the breach had happened. I researched the products that were currently out on the market, and looked at the breaches that had happened and why. I saw that breaches occurred because of Phishing attacks or other human error that allowed hackers to get access to sensitive data with a valid user name and password which lead to the most sophisticated encryption just dissolving away. I saw databases that were poorly maintained. Even the most expensive and best database with all the bells and whistles, if it isn't properly maintained, it won't keep anyone out. I saw solutions out there that granted specific permissions to specific columns of data to specific users. I saw solutions that monitored the database and who was doing what. But the bottom-line was, once the hacker got in, they got the data. Everything was tied to the database. I looked at tokenization and the problems it has.

So I came up with a proof of concept of a totally database independent process that would package and protect the data, so that even if someone gets into the database with a valid user name and password, it was not going to do them any good. That proof of concept evolved into two fully functional iterations. Using my software, which can be customized and expanded to meet the needs of the client, the sensitive data can be protected independent of the database. Protected in a way not done before. I am constantly working on improving and expanding the code to make it more robust.

It was time to think outside of the box. Remember, Necessity is the mother of invention.

At one time early Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Greeks, Norse, and Germanic people thought the earth was a flat disc floating in water. At one time people believed the Sun and the other planets revolved around the Earth. But then individuals like Galileo, Archimedes, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and others decided it was time to think outside of the box and step away from the status quo.

If everything was going so well, Cyber Security would not be such a big industry. It is time to think outside of the box and to try another approach.

Whether you are a company (large or small) that wants to incorporate my interface, or a major corporation that wants to buy my source code and run with it and sell it to other companies like Telerik does with its controls. Please e-mail me, or contact American Fortune above for an NDA, and access to a PowerPoint Deck going into more detail about what the software does.

Thanks for taking a look.

Don't be the next company written about in the press for all the wrong reasons.

What makes our way unique?

Because it is completely database independent.

Even though companies are employing the use of database firewalls, web application firewalls, encryption, monitoring and auditing of their database activity along with making sure that their databases are properly maintained, configured, and patched to remove any know vulnerabilities they still fall prey to having their databases breached by cyber-criminals. And once those cyber-criminals have penetrated a company’s outer defenses, the data lays exposed and easy to harvest. In other words, once they are in the cookie jar, there is nothing to protect the cookies. Our software protects the sensitive data once someone has managed to access it to the degree that even if they get through the nine layers of protection that the data is encased in by our software, the resulting data will not be in a format that is useable to the cyber-criminal. The traditional ways are not working. It is time to try something else. If the traditional ways were working, then this would not be an ongoing problem that continues to get worse each year.

While this software package would not prevent someone from hacking into a database, it will make it more difficult to expose the underlying sensitive data as demonstrated throughout our white paper and this site. Even if cyber criminals were able to unpackage a row of data, which in and of itself would require a large investment of time and resources, their efforts would not result in a translation of all the sensitive data that is stored in the database. This is because there are multiple ways that the data can be processed and packaged prior to being saved in the database and even if they could decipher the data to its raw format, the data will not be displayed in such a way that tells the cybercriminal what maps to what. It would basically look like they are being handed a jigsaw puzzle with some extra pieces.

Continually applying the same methods over and over again, and expecting different results is not working. It is time for a change.

How much longer are you going to keep doing the same thing over and over again with the same outcome?

If the old ways were working, then the global cybersecurity market size would not be forecasted to grow to 248.26 billion in U.S. dollars by 2023. It is growing because they aren't enough!

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over
again and expecting different results."

Albert Einstein
A sampling of stories from SC Media concerning breaches just for 2020.
  1. Choppy Waters: Data breach impacts Princess and Holland America cruise lines.
  2. J.Crew syas year-old breach exposed customer account info.
  3. Munson Healthcare data breach.
  4. Clearview AI client list breached.
  5. 360,000 Quebec teachers PII possibly compromised.
  6. MGM admits to 2019 data breach affecting 10.6 million customers.
  7. Idaho Central Credit Union reports two breaches.
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February 12th, 2020