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Game Changing Cyber Security Encryption Software

A brand-new type of keyless sensitive data protection that is tomorrow’s solution to data breaches today. Nothing like it on the market today.

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American Fortune is representing the sale of the rights to a brand-new type of keyless database encryption software that does not currently exist on the market today. This data protection software is game changing, and it is tomorrow’s solution today. It protects personally identifiable information in a way that has never been done before. It is fully functional, tested, and documented.

Software that cannot be hacked by a successful phishing attack, a backdoor vulnerability, or a zero-day attack with no key to maintain and no complicated installation process.

My software has one job, and one job only, and that is to protect personally identifiable information before, during, and after a data breach. My software is different on many levels from what is currently out on the market today in that it is keyless, no complicated or messy installation process, the code base is unique and not the same one used by everyone, works with structured and unstructured data, it is database independent, and is not subject to a backdoor or zero-day attack, and no phishing attack can crack it. It is tomorrow’s solution today. Just remember, if everything that is currently being done today was working, then the number of companies being breached would be going down as would the number of ransomware attacks. But that is not the case. The number is going up.

My software is unique on several levels, but one of the things that makes it unique, is that the encryption process is keyless. There is no key that must be maintained. There is no key that must be stored anywhere. As you may know, there are two types of encryption—symmetric and asymmetric. The former uses one key for encryption and decryption, while the later uses one key for encryption and another for decryption. Regardless of the type used, the keys must be maintained, and they must be stored somewhere—text file, XML, or a database column. Protocols must be in place and maintained, and if those protocols are breached in any manner, and the keys are obtained, the data is exposed and regardless of all the resources in terms of money, personnel, training, and time that have been invested into protecting the client’s network, the data is exposed and ripe for the picking. Once the intruder is detected, it is already too late. My software requires no storage or maintenance of a key anywhere, and the personally identifiable information will still be protected regardless of whether an intruder is detected or not.

Tokenization does not eliminate all security risks, especially where third-party token vaults are concerned. While storing data offsite simplifies many aspects of data security, it also means you need to ensure the vendor you choose has the appropriate systems in place to protect your data. My software does not succumb to the same issues as codebook or vaultless tokenization or the current tools used by cybercriminals. My software is robust. It is modular and easy to make changes to. It can be expanded, and it is flexible, and it is fully documented.

Furthermore, whether the process is using RSA, DES, DSA, AES, or 3DES, the code is the same exact code that is found out on the Internet and is used by almost every IT shop across the board. The only thing that makes all that code unique, is the key that the end users are passing into it, and if you obtain a valid username and password from a successful phishing attack, it really does not matter what the key or methodology is. Furthermore, once all the firewalls, network traffic monitoring, and so on that is employed in one form or another by countless corporations detects an intruder in the system, they are already in the system. The damage is already done. If all of the standard things corporations were doing was working without incident, then the news wouldn’t be full of one data breach after another.

Additionally, if there was one set of tools or one database that could not be breached by a phishing attack or some other means, then everyone would be switching over to that database or that particular set of tools or cybersecurity company, and the number of breaches and financial implications would significantly drop. But they are not. Just the opposite.

My software uses a series of specially designed algorithms spread out over several different steps, and it has a choice of multiple algorithms that it can use for each step in the process so that the same data can be encrypted in a variety of different ways, which thus makes it even harder to crack. Furthermore, there is so much more that is done to protect the data that goes beyond just mere encryption. There are processes that are invoked that further complicate the decryption process. It isn't a straight line. Even in the unlikely event that someone could decrypt a set of data, the logic they applied for that data, to reverse engineer all of the processes involved, which would have to be an extensive (impossible) investment in time, money and resources, would not translate over to the next set of data. My software is intelligent enough to look at the data and reverse the process to decrypt the data as well as sort out all of the additional processes that are incorporated to protect the data. What is present in the encrypted string, goes well beyond the actual data that is encapsulated there. There is no one size fits all encryption or decryption. It goes well beyond a single byte of data being converted to something based on a single process and a key. Plus, you will not find my code sitting out on the Internet telling someone how to use it. My code is unique in that there are many different ways to encrypt and decrypt the data. My code goes beyond just the encryption process in how it manipulates and processes the data. The result is a very unique encryption process designed to protect sensitive data in a way that is currently not used.

Most ransomware attacks start with a successful phishing attack. Most data breaches include information like usernames and passwords and email addresses.

Additionally, once someone has obtained a valid username and password, and can get into the system, the key can be exposed and used, or the cyber-criminal is able to simply unlock the database with the valid credentials and all the sensitive information is exposed. With my software, the cyber-criminal could have every single username and password in the entire system, and they still would not be able to see the data that is protected by my software. A company can spend millions of dollars on protection, and all it takes is one employee to click on the wrong email, and the walls coming tumbling down like the walls of Jericho.

Even with a backdoor attack like the one that occurred with SolarWinds, since my software protects the data at the granular level independently of any other process, a cyber-criminal still would not be able to access data that has been protected by my software. Even if the entire database is exposed, the data in that database that has been protected by my software will not be exposed, nor will any documents that have been encrypted with my software. It will not stop a cyber-criminal from attacking a system, but it will prevent the cyber-criminal from exposing the sensitive data of your clients on the dark web or holding it for ransom, since they won’t be able to decrypt it. In an extremely stressful situation, this makes one less thing that your client needs to worry about. The data stays safe. Also, my software is intelligent enough to interpret if the data it is protecting has been compromised and will not decrypt it.

Remember, databases currently can have row encryption, and column encryption, etc., but once a valid username and password is obtained, none of that means anything.

The software is database independent and works with structured and unstructured data. There is no complicated installation process. It works via Software as a Service or as stand-alone dlls. It can be incorporated into a variety of settings and could be incorporated into a suite of tools aimed at small Ma and Pa businesses that need cyber-security but do not have the funding that larger corporations have, as well as in mammoth corporations to protect a whole variety of sensitive data. Companies can, and do spend millions of dollars on cyber-security, but the bottom-line, whether it be through a successful phishing attack, a backdoor vulnerability or a zero-day attack, once someone is in their network, they are in, and the damage is done. It isn’t a matter any longer of “If”, but “when”. A cyber-criminal only has to be lucky once, and their methods are evolving. Businesses cannot afford to be “lucky”. The plain simple truth is that the news is full of data breaches. Using the same tools repeatedly, but expecting the result to be different, isn’t working anymore. The protection needs to be evolving as well, and a company can spend millions on security, and have it all undone with one simple, successful phishing attack.

No one else has this software. This software will separate whoever owns it from the pack. Instead of running with the pack, the buyer will be leading the pack. This software has the potential to be the next big thing and to generate millions for the buyer. This software is fully functional, coded, tested, and extremely well documented. There is no limit as to what this software can be used for or incorporated into. It is written in C# and is expandable and easy to maintain and use.

This opportunity is pre-revenue. Please do not dismiss it because of that. Take a sincere look at what this software can actually do. If everything today were working as designed, then cybercrime and budgets related to such would be going down, and ransomware attacks would be just a depreciated catchphrase. But that is not the case. To those individuals/corporations that are only interested in buying established IT Companies, and already have IT developers, etc., do not write this opportunity off simply because it does not come with a preexisting revenue stream. The product it represents is completely new and could completely rewrite cybersecurity as it is known today. It is time for a new solution to a problem that is only getting worse, just as the invention of penicillin was a new solution to bacterial infections. Doing the same thing as everybody else, over and over again, only manages to get you the same result as everyone else over and over again. Sometimes that works, sometimes it does not. I am looking for someone that has the foresight to see what this product can do and the level of protection it can bring to businesses large and small in today's hostile cyber environment.

If you are interested in learning more about this software and seeing a demo of how it works, please reach out to Brian S. Mazar of American Fortune for an NDA. Once a signed NDA is received, we will send you additional information and be available to answer questions and set-up a demo.

American Fortune

Brian S. Mazar, MBA

Managing Director

505 Third St. Suite 301

Louisville, KY 40202

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Jesus I put my trust in you

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"When it seemed as though Job had lost all hope he looked up to the heavens and said, 'But I know my Redeemer lives.'"

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