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Game Changing Cyber Security Encryption Software

You don’t have anything like this! But after you read about it, you will want to own the rights to it and add it to your arsenal.

Encryption that is essentially keyless. Discreet, sophisticated algorithmic logic that is capable of encrypting data in a variety of different ways, and then is intelligent enough to look at a given cell of data, and determine that it was encrypted this way, while another cell may have been encrypted an entirely different way.

You can have every user name and password in the company and it won't allow you to decrypt data protected by this software.

Cybersecurity expert Adam Levin, co-founder of credit.com and host of "What the Hack with Adam Levin," stated: "There are so many people out there who think, 'it's never going to happen to me,' and a lot of companies that don't think it's going to happen to them and then find out later that it did happen to them." He added: "As a defender, you've got to get everything right. As an attacker, you have to find only one crack or crevice to crawl through. And that's the concern."

I am offering you a NEW WAY that doesn't currently exist to protect your sensitive data even if you are attacked. A way that maintains the integrity of the data regardless of what else has happened to your network!

My software is:
  • Database Independent
  • A Ransomware, Phishing, or Backdoor Attack Cannot Crack it
  • No Key Management of any kind
  • No Physical Key in the Traditional Sense
  • No Key to Hack
  • No Key to maintain
  • No Complicated Installation Process or Patching Required
  • Works With Structured or Unstructured Data

Cybersecurity is all over the news today. Most defenses that cybersecurity companies use will warn you when someone is in the system. But by the time that happens, they are already in the system. The data is exposed. Regardless of how they got in. The sensitive data and documents are ripe for the taking. The bad actor may get into the system, but they won't be able to get to the sensitive data, structured or unstructured. One less, very major, headache for your client to worry about.

I am a developer who has developed a game changing software package that protects sensitive data like nothing else on the market today. Not Oracle, not Microsoft, not any of the cybersecurity companies have anything like this. Having every user name and password in the system won't unlock data protected with this software. I am looking to sell the full rights and documentation of this software package to a qualified buyer. Please review the following information and if you are interested, our contact information is near the end of this page.

This is not your Father's Encryption Software!

AES encryption, has become the industry standard for data security; however, if the AES systems are not correctly configured, or someone gains access to the key, or they have a valid user name and password from a successful phishing attack, or are able to gain access through some type of side-door or back-door attack, then all the standard, existing encryption is useless. SolarWinds uses AES 256-bit encryption, and we all know how well that worked out. Also, remember, properly trained users are the first line of defense to any system, and we all know how that has been working out in regards to phishing attacks.

My software doesn't require any key management by the client. The software takes care of its own key generation and maintenance. Furthermore, I can actually give you the keys, and you still wouldn't be able to unlock the data. One little key a few bytes long can generate over 1,000 possible ways that the data can be protected. Read on to learn more and how to contact us.

SaaS that protects data at the granular level, before, during, and after a cyber-attack. There is nothing to install and no keys to manage; however, the software provides over 1,000 possible ways to protect the data. It is completely database independent and protects structured as well as unstructured data. Currently there is nothing like it on the market anywhere.

Ransomware, Back Doors in Third Party Software, or Phishing Attacks: How Our Software Defends Against Them

Most cyber-attacks start with Phishing attacks, which are probably the most common form of cyber-attack. Approximately 90% of malware attacks originate from emails that are sent to victims. 73% of breaches are caused by Phishing attacks. Roughly 42% of Ransomware attacks are associated with Phishing attacks, and once the cyber-criminal has obtained a valid set of credentials, all the sophisticated protection that the organization’s data is wrapped in, comes undone and the sensitive and personally identifiable data is exposed.

The cyber-criminal could obtain every single username and password in the entire organization and they would still not be able to open any structured or unstructured data that has been encrypted with this database independent software because it is not associated with anyone in the organization. The data is passed via a SaaS to be processed outside of the organization's system. But there is much, much more to it than that.

During a Ransomware attack, cyber-criminals often place sensitive data on the dark web for sale, or at the very least threaten to do so, in an attempt to extort money from the organization.

Regardless of how the thieves get a hold of the valid credentials of a system. Whether it be by leveraging certain vulnerabilities in remote access technologies such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Remote Desktop Protocols (RDP), Citrix, SonicWall, or a backdoor in third-party software. With our software in place, cyber-criminals will not be able to decrypt sensitive information and peddle it on the dark web. It will be one less thing an organization will have to worry about during a time of chaos. Our software protects data at the granular data level, not the column, row, or table level. Because regardless of the database software that is employed, once there is a valid set of credentials, all of the protection is gone.

The sensitive data is processed, packaged, and unpackaged entirely independently of the database itself. Cracking the database, won't crack the data protected by this software.

Key Management: How Our Software Takes That Burden Away From You

Most, if not all encryption software that is currently on the market requires some type of key management by the organization.

Our encryption software does not store any keys on the client’s servers. There is absolutely no key management that the organization has to maintain. The software is intelligent enough to look at the data it has processed and to know how to decrypt it. The software creates the keys itself dynamically. They are not stored anywhere. Furthermore, there are over 1,000 possible combinations that the software can use to encrypt and process the data. There are two layers of encryption. The first is the standard military grade encryption, with a twist, which wraps the second specialized layer of encryption which is unlike anything currently on the market. The twist is, that even if we provided you with the key for the external layer, and there are several, you would not be able to successfully decrypt the external layer. Cyber-criminals are evolving, and they only have to be lucky once. Protection needs to be evolving as well, and cannot depend on luck. Don't think that they aren't working on breaking the current standards in software encryption.

Software Installation: Our Software Has No Complicated or Time-Consuming Installation

Most third-party software requires an organization to install their software and often that involves having to make sure that the organization has a particular version of the database software, OS, etc., in order to use the new version.

There is no installation of software, and as stated previously, this software is database independent. It doesn't care if you are using the latest version of SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, or no database software at all. There is no scheduled downtime or maintenance required. It is not difficult to incorporate this software into existing software. The source code and the process is fully documented, it is extensible, maintainable, reusable, testable, and expandable. An elite team of developers is not required to work with it.

Why Our Software Is Like Nothing On The Market Today

Regardless of all the bells and whistles that every database, firewall, network traffic monitoring tool, and anything else you can think of that is used to currently protect sensitive structured and unstructured data, once the cyber-criminal is in the system and has a valid set of credentials, it is too late. The attack has occurred.

But our software is different, because even if a cyber-criminal were able to completely get through the first layer of encryption, they would have no ideal what they are looking at. It would not make any sense to them, and even if they got through the second layer, it still wouldn’t be obvious what they are looking at, because there is so much more to the way this software packages data than just mere encryption. The software is also intelligent enough to know if the data being passed to it has changed, such as due to a Ransomware attack, and can be set to automatically kill the SaaS for the client if they so desire.

The complete rights to this fully documented source code are for sale. Every fully functioning iteration of it. Every single line of code. If I had the marketing skills and resources to promote this SaaS myself, I would not even be looking to sell this software, but unfortunately, I don’t. This software is tomorrow’s solution today. There is nothing like it out there. It has the legitimate potential to generate millions for the buyer of it and to be the next big thing.

Please contact American Fortune for an NDA and additional information and to request a demo. Please provide all pertinent contact information, as well as something about the organization you represent if possible.

American Fortune

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Managing Director

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Louisville, KY 40202

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