Unheard of Game Changing Data Protection Software That Takes It To The Next Level


Why every cyber-security firm needs to add this to their arsenal:
Every cyber-security company out there, is offering the same variation on a theme.  We will review your network for vulnerabilities and then tell you how to patch them using this network monitoring tool and that firewall, and this key management system, and that gizmo and that thing-a-bob.  And we have this guy as a client, and we are the best.  And they will all do what they are designed to do.  But once they detect an intrusion, no matter who they are, or who their clients are, the bad guys have already busted through the front door.  If they got valid usernames and passwords, back doors to some software or have found a hole in the servers you are using, they have access to your sensitive data.  They are in.  But with this software, the sensitive data, structured and unstructured, that is protected by it, is still protected after the attack, during the attack, and before the attack.  The cyber-security company that can add one weapon to their arsenal that no one else has, can lead the pack, instead of competing with it.  The front door may get kicked in, but your grand-mother’s antique broach is still safe in the safe.  No one can stop the intrusion once it happens.  What you do with it once it has occurred is what makes all the difference in the world to minimize damage.
But only one client will be able to buy it and stand out from the rest.

Business Opportunity For Sale.

What you get:

  • Complete rights to fully written, tested, and documented source code.
  • Software as a Service.
  • Software that has one job, and one job only, and that is to protect sensitive data before, during, and after an attack.
  • No key management for the client on their servers.
  • Protects structured and unstructured data.
  • Doesn't care what database you are using. New or old. Database Independent.
  • Almost nothing exists on the client's servers. No messy installs or downtime for maintenance or upgrades required to be at the right version.
  • Phishing attack won't crack it. Completely independent of the client's database and servers and usernames and passwords.
  • A ransomware attack will not gain access to sensitive data that is protected by this software. One less thing to worry about.

AMERICAN FORTUNE, is representing the sale of the full rights to fully functioning software and all the related documentation (IDD, etc.) for a new and game changing, patent pending (Provisional Patent granted February 10th, 2020) database protection software that goes far beyond mere encryption in protecting your client’s sensitive data and PII (Personally Identifiable Information). If the old ways were working, then the global cybersecurity market size would not be forecasted to grow to 248.26 billion in U.S. dollars by 2023. It is growing because the usual ways aren’t enough and are not providing enough protection to sensitive data and PII. The criminals are expanding and improving what they can do. It isn't a case of will they attack, but when. You need to stay ahead of the game. They only need to be lucky once, you need to be constantly prepared.

If you are interested in pursuing this offering, we invite you to contact us to receive more information on this software opportunity, we can be reached at (800) 248-0615 or mazar@fortunebta.com

You can't solve tomorrow's problems by only looking at today.

Ground-breaking data encryption software that will protect sensitive and personally identifiable data during any type of database breach, before, during, and after. There is nothing like it currently on the market. It is completely database independent. If an attack eliminates the encryption on the database, the data is still encrypted and protected. If an attack eliminates the hardware encryption, the data is still encrypted and protected. If a ransomware attack encrypts the database, the data is still encrypted. Even if a phishing attack retrieved every single username and password in the system, the data would remain encrypted.

No complicated installation process, key management, or complicated patching required. No client downtime. It doesn’t care if you are using the latest version of Oracle or SQL Server, or whatever database you are using for that matter, or if your database software is ten years old or the latest patched version.

The software is extensible, fully scalable, and extremely well documented and easy to modify. It is written in C#, and it comes with an ASP.NET Core API delivery system.

If the traditional ways were working, database breaches would not be increasing. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, is not working. If there was already a database and accompanying set of tools that did everything and was protecting everything, everyone would already be using them and cyber-crime would be going down. But it isn’t, it is going up, significantly.

This software system has the very real potential to generate millions of dollars in revenue for the owner of it. It really is the next big thing.

With all the bells and whistles that are currently on the market, they are still getting in, and data needs to be protected in a way like it has never been before.

By the time your network monitoring detects a breach, they are already in the house, and the data needs to remain protected and intact.

Just remember this: During the past few years, Yahoo suffered a data breach that affected 3 billion records. Equifax 145.5 million records, eBay 145 million records, Heartland Payment Systems 134 million records, Target 110 million records, TJX Corporation 94 million, and JP Morgan & Chase 83 million, and the list goes on and continues to grow. Municipal governments and schools. Nothing is safe. National corporations with billions of dollars in security funding have been attacked. I am by no means saying that these data breaches resulted from the encryption protocols that were put in place on these systems or were caused by the encryption software currently on the market. I am saying that these data breaches happened in spite of the encryption software, the monitoring of network traffic, the firewalls, and everything else that was put in place to protect their sensitive data. It didn’t stop the attack. All of the current methods that are on the market today, are intertwined with the client’s system in one form or the other. All the methods that are out there are great, but once you introduce a valid set of credentials to a cyber-criminal, all bets are off. But not with our software!

Simply put, even if Oracle or SQl Server protected every single character stored in their database to the nth level, once someone has a valid user name and password, or a back door to the data, all that encryption and protection is gone, pure and simple.

American Fortune

Brian S. Mazar, MBA

Managing Director

505 Third St. Suite 301

Louisville, KY 40202

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Tomorrow's Protection, Today!

Innovative software with continous data protection

Not only protected Before a Breach;

But should the unexpected happen...

Your data remains safely protected During a Breach.

"The fact is, every company is vulnerable to being
hacked. The large breaches make the news, but
smaller breaches are being perpetrated every day.
They may not make headlines, but they can turn a
company's world upside down. Cyber
security research shows that smaller companies
face a disproportionately higher risk when it
comes to the financial losses associated with a
security breach. They are also less likely to have
implemented preventative measures, even after
they've been the victim of an attack."

Kevin Kerridge
Executive vice president,
Hiscox Inc.

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February 12th, 2020
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